Bloomsbury Honor International

Want to network with high achievers? Want to develop your leadership and entrepreneurship skills? Bloomsbury Honor International is for you.

Bloomsbury Honor International is an honor society with a mission to encourage and recognize academic excellence, leadership, and entrepreneurship among university students. Every year we offer scholarships to the highest caliber students who will benefit from, and contribute to, the university education in any discipline. We are keen to recognize and reward high levels of excellence through not only scholarships, but our annual Student of the Year Awards as well. We sponsor and co-organize local events that promote leadership and entrepreneurship. Grand Rapids UniversitiesWe also provide members with networking opportunities and career development services.

The student membership is a prestigious recognition which is exclusive to those who can demonstrate academic achievement, exceptional talents in leadership, or entrepreneurship.


  • ] Currently enrolled university students, and
  • ] GPA 3.3 or above for students attending GPA-based universities, or
  • ] Second-uppoer Honours for students attending honours-based universities, and
  • ] Be able to demonstrate leadership or entrepreneurship in one or more areas

Honor Membership System

  • Membership with Highest Honor - GPA 3.8 or above
  • Membership with High Honor - GPA 3.5 or above
  • Membership with Honor - GPA 3.3 or above


Student membership in the program comes with many opportunities and benefits. To name a few:

  • 1. Recognition

    Be entitled to state "Member of Bloomsbury Honor International" on resume.
  • 2. Lifetime Email Forwarding

    Obtain a unique email address.
  • 3. Honor Identification Card

    Prove membership status with a wallet-size Identification Card
  • 4. Scholarships

    Be eligible to apply for the 10 annual Bloomsbury scholarships.
  • 5. Career Service

    Access to the Bloomsbury job board.
  • 6. Student of the Year Nomination

    Be eligible to be nominated for, and to vote for, the Student of the Year awards.
  • 7. Local Events

    Attend local Bloomsbury Honor International events on campuses.

How to Join

Each application will be carefully reviewed to ensure that all members in the program have fulfilled the membership requirements. To apply, please click here.